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Short Love Poems For Him
Not Just High But Above

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One day as I was thinking

Thinking as I often do

The subject turned to love

And immediately I thought of you

I thought of how you have changed my life

And relieved all my pain

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I thought of how you've carried me

And all things in life I've gained

As I pondered these wonderous thoughts

I came upon one more

And thought about my sinful life

Only as it was before

And then it was there I realized

How much you've changed me inside

And made me the most gracious person

Now one more thing I cannot hide

I never thought of love

As an object or a person

I often thought about it being bliss and maybe a potion

I did not think it was something I could see

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But now I see love everyday, everytime I look at me

It might be by my definition only

But you have made me love

And also you have made my life

Not just high but above.


Sylvia Harris from Houston

Love Poems for Him Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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