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Loved Poems
I Knew I Loved You.

Loved Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3


When reflections of love
Shimmered mirrors of beauty
In pools of crystal blue
And only you I could see

Though dawns light glowed softly
And the air smelled so brand new
The grass in the meadow
Sparkled fresh with morns first dew

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As roses were swaying
And wild flowers sweetly played
The lilies just curtsied
In warm flecks of sun and shade

And the flush of my cheeks
Blushed in rosy shades of pink
Of springtime in pastels
And violets cheery wink

When the garden gate creaked
And there you stood tall and proud
The only sound I could hear
Was my heart beating out loud

Though the breeze whispered warm
Through golden sunbeams above
It was your lovely eyes
That had me falling in love

With a light that gently
Wove a gorgeous tapestry
To fill my tender heart
With the joy of your beauty

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When reflections of love
Shimmered of a love that’s true
It was at that very time
I knew... I loved you


Loved Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3

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