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Poems About Losing A Loved One
Loss Of A Loved One

Loved Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3


I have walked in your shoes
I know this kind of hurt
This kind of unbearable pain
I know how hard it is to stop
The tears that fall like rain

I can’t tell you,
Just how long it will hurt,
I can’t tell you,
that is will get easier with time

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I can’t give you,
those answers,
because those answers,
myself I can’t seem to find

Answers to the questions
Running through your head
Why does it hurt so much?
When will this pain end

Some say move on,
They are in a better place,
But that does not stop,
the tears,
from falling down your face

No one knows the pain,
you feel,
that pain,
belongs to you,
I can only stand beside you,
and offer my hand,
and heart to you

I can’t take away your pain
And make it my own
But I can stand beside you
Until you can do it on your own

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I won’t leave your side
If you need me to stay
I won’t lie and say
Everything will be okay

Because things will be different
We both know this is true
But I will stand beside you
And help you
Pull through
I will always
Be there for you

When the time comes
That we must say goodbye
Our hearts Will break
And tears will fall
From our eyes

The pain Will be unbearable
We will feel so confused
Sad, hurt, and angry
Just some of the emotions
We’ll go through
Losing someone we love
Is the hardest thing
We will go through


Loved Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3

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