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Love Affair


Release Date: October 21, 1994

Runtime: 108 min

Language: English

Director: Glenn Gordon Caron

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Who's In It:

Eric Stoltz as Keith Nelson
Warren Beatty as Mike Gambril
Annette Bening as Terry McKay
Katharine Hepburn as Ginny
Garry Shandling as Kip DeMay
Chloe Webb as Tina Wilson
Pierce Brosnan as Ken Allen
Kate Capshaw as Lynn Weaver
Harold Ramis as Sheldon Blumenthal

Soundtrack / Songs: Love Affair: Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack - Various Artists, Ennio Morricone - Soundtracks - 1994

1. Never Let Your Left Hand Know What Your Right Hand's Doin' - Louis Jordan
2. Changes - Bobby Short
3. Life Is So Peculiar - Louis Jordan, Louis Armstrong
4. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) - Ray Charles
5. For Annette & Warren
6. A Promise In The Air
7. Waiting For That Day
8. Anxiety And Joy
9. Piano Solo
10. Sentimental Walk
11. Journey Of Love
12. Return
13. Finding Each Other Again
14. Love Affair (End Credit)

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Quotes From For Love Affair:

Terry McKay: I guess I'm happy when I don't want to be anywhere else but where I am.

Ginny: The trick in life isn't getting what you want, my dear, it's wanting it after you get it.

Ginny: If I knew I was going to live to 86 I wouldn't have let the maid go.


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