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Release Date: April 4, 2008

Runtime: 114 min

Language: English

Tagline: If love is a game, who'll make the first pass?

Director: George Clooney

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Who's In It:

George Clooney as Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly
Renée Zellweger as Lexie Littleton
John Krasinski as Carter Rutherford
Jonathan Pryce as C.C. Frazier
Wayne Duvall as Coach Frank Ferguson
Stephen Root as Suds
Matt Bushell as Curly
Tommy Hinkley as Hardleg
Keith Loneker as Big Gus Schiller
Malcolm Goodwin as Bakes

Soundtrack / Songs: Leatherheads - Soundtrack - Randy Newman - 2008

1. Princeton Tiger
2. Good Old Princeton: The College Game
3. Professional Game
4. Pros Go to College
5. Help from High School (Gonged)
6. Dodge
7. Lexi
8. Ich Gebe Auf
9. Carter Is Blue
10. How One Longs for Princeton
11. Ah, Love
12. Man I Love
13. Pool Party
14. Dan Higgins
15. Trouble
16. Up Close and Personal
17. Ambiguity of Victory
18. Sgt. York
19. Into the Sunset
20. Reprise for Tiffany

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Quotes From 2 Days In Paris:

Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly: So here we are.
Lexie Littleton: Not sure what the next move is.
Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly: It happens.
Lexie Littleton: It's the first time for me.
Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly: They all say that.

Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly: You're only as young as the woman you feel.

Lexie Littleton: You're substituting my bosoms for your mothers... Why not what's wrong with my bosoms?


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