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Good Quotes About Love

Good Love Quotes Part 1 | 2


Love doesn’t always end
the way we want it to.
But it always ends the way
it is supposed to.
If one love is lost,
it only means that another one,
sometimes better…
sometimes not, but always,
another love is waiting for you
just around the corner.

If you keep something
as complicated as love inside you….
you will get sick. Spit it out.

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Hello cupid? Hey,
how about you try
hitting the both of us this time.

You can never be friends
with someone you love;
it’s simply not possible.

When you don’t expect it
that’s when love comes.

I love you because
you are the kind of guy
that laughs when I fall,
but helps me back and whispers,
“I still love you”, in my ear."

Love is never about
giving or taking
it’s about sharing
what you already have.

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The best feeling in the world
is when you randomly start crying
because you feel like the luckiest girl
in the word because of him.

Yea, there’s other fish in the sea
but you’ll always be my Nemo.

Love is like a wall,
if the guy really loves you
and wants to be with you
he will find a way over the wall to get to you,
if he quits he wasn’t worth waiting for.

True Love is the spark that
lights up your heart and
makes you glow from within.

When you love, you don’t judge. You accept.

Good Love Quotes Part 1 | 2

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