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One Wish Part 3

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He burst into the tailor shop and looked around for the shopkeeper who was standing behind the counter. The shopkeeper was astounded by his entrance. She stepped out from behind the counter to investigate the arrival of the frantic visitor.
"May I help you?” she inquired.
The sailor took a deep breath and began explaining about the woman he had just seen in the store. He explained how he had to talk her and wanted to know her name. The shopkeeper chuckled to herself as she realized that this poor man had been floored by her customer moments before. She sighed and gave him the information that he wanted. The sailor clicked his heels with glee and started skipping his way to the door. Right then, the shopkeeper turned and said something to him.

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“Don't waste your time. She wouldn't be interested in you."
"We'll see about that." the sailor said to himself.
Just then, he noticed a sign on the door. It was something about a dance being held in the town in two weeks time. He asked the shopkeeper about the time and place of this dance. The shopkeeper gave him directions and said something about finishing dresses for that dance. The wheels started to turn in the sailor's head. He was developing a plan in his head on how to get the young woman to go to this dance with him.
"Wait a minute." he thought.
"She was just in here getting a dress. Maybe she is going with someone else!"
The sailor stopped the shopkeeper one more time and asked if she knew whether the woman had a date for the dance. The sailor didn't know that was what they were talking about when he saw them in the window. The shopkeeper shook her head as she walked into the back room.

What the sailor didn't know was that the woman didn't really like the hustle and bustle of the town. She like spending time in the hills in the countryside; walking the trails through the woods and listening to the songs of the meadowlarks perched on a fencepost. From time to time, she would sit out on the front porch of her house on the hill and listen to the sounds of the ocean. She enjoyed feeling the cool, salty spray of ocean water on her face. This sounded almost like how the sailor spent his days but she didn't know it, yet.

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Meanwhile, the sailor was trying to figure out how to approach the young woman. He knew what had happened the last time he tried to talk to her. He didn't know what to say to her. Even if he did figure out what to say to her, he'd get so tongue-tied that he wouldn't be able to speak. The sailor wasn't very good with expressing himself in this way with words but he sure could play his horn.
"That's what I'll do." he thought.
He would play a sweet melody for her with his saxophone and use that to ask her to the dance. But what should he play, and where? He walked around town to ask more shopkeepers about the whereabouts of the woman. Apparently, she was well known in the town because her father was the chairman of the town council. He was highly respected in the town. This was probably why the townspeople weren't cooperative when a stranger like the sailor went around asking questions. Finally, when the sailor had almost given up hope, he learned that their house was on the hill.
He was beaming with delight when he heard the familiar reply, "Don't waste your time. She wouldn't be interested in you."
"That's what you think." the sailor said to himself.
His confidence was building. All he had to do was go to the house and play for her. He was still undecided on what to play for her.

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