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One Wish Part 2

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One day the sailor was forced to stop in "Busytown" as he liked to call it, for supplies. He didn't really want to stop but he needed some bread for the two day trip back home. He looked for the closest market available because he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He walked by shop after shop. The stores seemed to go on forever. He was walking by another similar looking store when his eyes caught something through the front window. At first he continued walking, but he saw it again.

"Hey, watch it buddy!"
"Come on, look out!"
“Please excuse me." said the sailor as he pushed his way through the crowd to get a closer look through the window.
He finally positioned himself for a good look and then he saw. He saw something that took his breath away. Something that look and made him felt that he was back on the ocean again, playing for his friends. It gave him a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

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There was this young woman standing in front of the counter in the tailor shop. She was picking up a dress that had been made for her. She was beautiful! She had long, dark hair that flowed over her shoulders and down to the small of her back. She was tall for a woman and well proportioned. She had dark brown eyes that sparkled. When she looked at you, she seemed to be looking right down to the core of your soul. She had a warm smile that could brighten up the cloudiest day. Her lips were full and moist; they reminded you of freshly peeled orange slices exploding with juice. You could barely hear her talking to the shopkeeper with all the noise on the streets. Her voice was like that of a songbird and it leaves your ears yearning for more.

The poor sailor was totally enamoured with the young woman. He could hardly maintain enough coordination to keep himself on his feet. He stood there looking through the window in a daze, speechless. He had forgotten about the bread. He had forgotten about the people in the square, on the sidewalk and in the streets. He ignored the little boy that had bounced his ball off the sailor's leg while playing in the streets. It was all gone. No one else in the world existed, except for the sailor and the woman in the store.

All of a sudden, the sailor was overcome with anxiety. Then panic set in. She was about to leave the store!
"What should I do?" the sailor said to himself.
He had to do something fast! The beautiful lady could walk away and out of his life forever! He started to push his way to the door of the store. There were several people between him and the door of the store. She was almost at the door too. He might be too late! He made a bold move as he pushed and shoved, wiggled and squirmed his way to the front. He was almost there. He made one last charge through the crowd and he broke free of the crowd with a colossal heave….
…and right into the woman exiting the store.

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She was startled at first but when she looked at the sailor; right down to the pit of his soul with those big, beautiful, brown eyes, she started to smile.
"Excuse me." she cooed.
The poor love struck sailor tried to say "Hello." He tried to say anything but the words wouldn't come. Cold sweat began beading up on his brow. He couldn't even lift his hand to wave. He was at the mercy of the young woman's gaze. He stood there for almost a minute before he realized that the woman was gone. She had continued up the street but the sailor didn't know that. He looked around but it was as if she had vanished completely.

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