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Free Love Poems For A Girl
Sweet Dreams

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Am lying here dreaming,
Closed eyes and bated breath;
Your scent all over me,
Feels like a smoke ring ...

Untouchable, unattainable,
In your arms I am nothing and everything ...
Will you kiss me?

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Like this,
I fall,
Tears dripping from helpless lashes
That rise and fall like
Hunting lips,
Wide open to reveal my eyes;
Like the searching tongue that caresses
And pursues,
My open, seeking eyes are revealing you.

And if you will only understand me,
Believe me when I promise you I am
Not going to destroy you,
Not going to break you ...
We shall fly untouched, unbreakable,
Undeniable ...

Be not afraid when I kiss you,
Do not fear that I shall hurt you,
But, more truthfully,
Do not fear the pain,
For pain in love between two hearts
Is what makes love far more exquisite
Than lust or temporary need ...

And I need you,
But like oxygen,
Pure and clear,
You grant me light,
You give me crystalline enjoyment of the world,
And when I fall to you,
I am deified ...

So, shall I be a goddess for you,
Shall I be a fantasy?
Shall I make your dreams come true,
Shall I be your queen?

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Sweet dreams, my love;
Mmm, feel my lips cross your brow,
So gentle, the touch love;
Do trust me, my darling ...

Sweet dreams ...
And I shall grant them to you,
Shall bless you with ecstasy
In me, in us:

Like this, pure love ...
Sweet dreams . . .

Miriam M. Wynn

Free Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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