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Love is...

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Love is...

Love is…being with someone you can truly believe in.
Love is…being with someone you believe in the truth in,

Love is…being with someone you can trust,
Love is…being with someone who you must,

Love is…standing by them through the dark and the light,
Love is…believing in them, as they fight there dark night,

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Love is…Someone you can take into your heart,
Love is…Someone who will be there after the dark,

Love is…Someone who you can help them fight there dark night,
Love is…Someone who can count on all your might,

Love is…Someone you take into your very soul,
Love is…someone who you might very know,

Love is…Someone you can connect with in more than life,
Love is…Someone who you can help, in all there strife,

Love is…Someone who you can say it’s all right,
Love is…Someone you can turn to, when everything has turned to darkest night,

Love is…In this night, and in this cold,
Love is…That this night, is there night and for they have been told,

Love is…That they must overcome this fear,
Love is…That my heart holds you so dear,

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Love is…A fear that cannot come true,
Love is…My heart held up high, bleeding in front of you,

Love is…My heart that still bleeds,
Love is…My heart dying, in this time of need,

Love is…That this arrangement that has held us so true,
Love is…That someday I will owe my heart to you,

Love is…That one day I can hold so true,
Love is…My love, that I hope…you hold so dear to you,

For a heart that is truly in the light, it must first have battled the darkest of nights…

Lee Stedman

Free Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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