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My First Love Story
Without Words Part 2

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He never fails to make me smile everyday. Every time I’m down, he’s always there to cheer me up. I lost the profile of a happy family but I’m thankful to God that he gave Nate to me. It seems like we could do everything when we’re together. As we grew closer, I discovered something that made me shiver. I realized that what I felt for him was not friendship at all. It was something I didn’t want to happen. I was afraid of two things; afraid to get hurt and afraid to lose my best friend. I knew that he would never love me the way I wanted him to love me. I would never be a woman in his eyes. For him, I would always be Brei, his best friend and that hurts.

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No matter how close we got, there will always be some secrets we couldn’t let each other know.

One day, we were talking at the rooftop when he asked, “If I am not your best friend, is there, by any chance, that you would fall in love with me?”
I was shocked.
All I could say was, “What?”
“Never mind. Forget it.” He said.
The conversation was followed by a long awkward silence but he broke it.
“Brei… Thank you”
“For what?” I said.
“For everything. For who you are and whom you’re not. I don’t know if this is the right time for me to say but I- I’m really happy that I met you, that I became a part of your life, and you with mine. Someday, you’re going to know everything…”
He continued while holding my hands.
“Promise me you’re not going to change. No matter what will happens, please, don’t forget me..,”
I didn’t understand what he was talking about then but I promised him.

It was during the summer vacation of our sophomore year that I lost touch with him. He never paid a visit on me after the classes ended. Every time I texted him, he seemed too tired to reply. Then, I got busy about my dance debut. Since he was my last dance, I personally delivered the invitation to him. Unfortunately, there was no one around in their house. I put the invitation in their mailbox and walked away.

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My big night came. I could still remember how excited I was; hoping that he would be there. However, I lost all hope when the last dance was called and he wasn’t there. I was so disappointed, hurt and devastated. How could he? Suddenly, someone held my hands and guided me to dance.
“Happy birthday, my princess.” He said.
It was my father. I didn’t look at him while dancing. I was hurt and I was afraid he’ll notice it.
“You are really a woman now. Whoever you are waiting for, he’s lucky to have you.”
After hearing his words, I realized that the hatred I had for him for the divorce was gone.
“I’m sorry. I hope it’s not too late for you to forgive me, princess. I know it will take time. But, I’m willing to wait...” He said.
“I miss you, dad.”
There was no use pretending at that moment. We hugged each other. I found comfort in the arms of my father. I missed him and I needed him at that moment. He never left me until the party was over.

I stood still in the middle of the garden. Everyone went home and the party was over. I was back to being alone with my broken heart. I should be happy. If only I could pretend that my heart wasn’t broken then it would’ve been easy for me to deal with everything. But I was just so helpless. All I could do was cry.

“Why do I always get hurt whenever I see you crying like that?” said a voice.
It was Nate. I knew it was him. I turned around to face him. I was taken aback with what I saw. He wasn’t wearing a tuxedo; instead he was wearing a hospital dress. He wasn’t in his usual demeanour. The boy who is supposed to be standing up high is now sitting on a wheelchair. He looked very pale and my heart went to him.

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