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Confessions of a Shopaholic


Release Date: February 13, 2009

Runtime: 112 min

Language: English

Tagline: All she ever wanted was a little credit

Director: P.J. Hogan

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Who's In It:

Isla Fisher as Rebecca Bloomwood
Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon
Joan Cusack as Jane Bloomwood
John Goodman as Graham Bloomwood
Krysten Ritter as Suze

Soundtrack / Songs: Confessions of a Shopaholic Original Soundtrack - Various Artists - 2009

1. Accessory - Jordyn Taylor
2. Fashion - Lady GaGa
3. Blue Jeans - Jessie James
4. Uncontrollable - Adrienne Bailon
5. Calling You - Kat DeLuna
6. Stuck With Each Other - Akon
7. Unstoppable - Kat DeLuna
8. Big Spender - Adrienne Bailon
9. Bad Girl - The Pussycat Dolls
10. Again - Natasha Bedingfield
11. Takes Time To Love - Trey Songz
12. Girls Just Want To Have Fun - Greg Laswell
13. Don't Forget Me - Macy Gray
14. Shopaholic Suite - James Newton Howard

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Quotes From Confessions of a Shopaholic:

Graham Bloomwood: Your mother and I think that if the American economy can be billions in debt and still survive, so can you.

Rebecca Bloomwood: You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better.

Rebecca Bloomwood: You speak Prada?

Rebecca Bloomwood: When I was 7 most of my friends stopped believing in magic. That's when I first started. They were beautiful, they were happy. They didn't even need any money, they had magic cards.


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