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Pure Blood Part 3

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Sure enough, when you and your family get down there late on Friday night, there is a long line at the hospital. Nurses and doctors are busy pricking fingers, taking blood and putting labels on it. Your wife and your kids are out there.
They take your blood type and say, "Wait here in the parking lot and you can be dismissed if we call your name."
You stand around, scared, with your neighbors, wondering what in the world is going on and if this is the end of the world.

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Suddenly a young man comes running out of the hospital screaming. He's yelling a name and waving a clipboard. What? He yells it again!
Your son tugs on your jacket and says, "Daddy, that's me."
Before you know it, they have grabbed your boy. Wait a minute. Hold on!
They say, "Its okay, his blood is clean. His blood is pure. We want to make sure he doesn't have the disease. We think he has got the right type."

Five tense minutes later, the doctors and nurses come out crying and hugging one another - some are even laughing.
It's the first time you have seen anybody laugh in a week and an old doctor walks up to you and says, "Thank you, sir. Your son's blood type is perfect. It's clean, it is pure and we can make the vaccine."
As the word begins to spread all across that parking lot full of folks, people are screaming, praying, laughing and crying.

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However, the grey-haired doctor pulls you and you wife aside and says, "May we see you for a moment? We didn't realize that the donor will be a minor and we need... We need you to sign a consent form."
You are about to sign it until you noticed that the number of pints of blood to be taken is empty.

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