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Pure Blood Part 2

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"Due to a national security risk, all flights to and from Europe and Asia have been cancelled. If your loved ones are overseas, I'm sorry. They cannot come back until we find a cure for this thing."

Within four days, the nation is plunged into an unbelievable fear. People are selling little masks for your face.
People are talking about, "What if it comes to this country?" and preachers on Tuesday are saying, "It's the scourge of God."

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It's Wednesday night and you are at a church prayer meeting when somebody runs in from the parking lot and says, "Turn on a radio, turn on a radio!"
While the church listens to a little transistor radio with a microphone stuck up in it, the announcement is made. Two women are lying in a Long Island hospital dying from the mystery flu. The flu swept across the country within hours. People are working around the clock trying to find an antidote. Nothing is working. California. Oregon. Arizona. Florida. Massachusetts. It's as though the flu is sweeping in from the borders.

Then all of a sudden, the news comes out. The code has been broken. A cure can be found. A vaccine can be made. It's going to take the blood of somebody who hasn't been infected. Sure enough, all through the Midwest, everyone is asked to do one simple thing through all those channels of emergency broadcasting.

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“Go to your downtown hospital and have your blood type taken. That's all we ask of you. When you hear the sirens go off in your neighborhood, please make your way quickly, quietly, and safely to the hospitals.”

Pure Blood Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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