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Charlie St. Cloud


Release Date: July 30, 2010

Runtime: 90 min

Language: English

Tagline: Life is for living

Director: Burr Steers

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Who's In It:

Zac Efron as Charlie St. Cloud
Charlie Tahan as Sam St. Cloud
Kim Basinger as Claire St. Cloud
Amanda Crew as Tess Carroll
Augustus Prew as Alistair Wooley
Donal Logue as Tink Weatherbee
Ray Liotta as Florio Ferrente

Soundtrack / Songs: Charlie St Cloud - O.S.T - Rolfe Kent - 2010

1. Racing - Rolfe Kent
2. Graduating
3. Sam And Charlie
4. Ambulance
5. Finding Sam
6. Tess
7. Charlie's Gift
8. The Querencia
9. Flukes
10. The Brothers
11. I Can Cook
12. A Map And A Kiss
13. Sailing
14. You Didn't Die
15. Tess Is Missing
16. To Sea
17. The Hard Choice
18. Sunset Goodbye
19. Finding And Holding
20. Back On The Water
21. I Promise

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Quotes From Charlie St. Cloud:

Sam St. Cloud: I'm okay Charlie. I'd give anything for you to see me. What I've become, but no one could forget what it could have been.
Charlie St. Cloud: Sorry I had to break our deal.
Sam St. Cloud: It was time. It's beyond anything we ever imagined Charlie.
Charlie St. Cloud: I hurt as bad as the day you died.
Sam St. Cloud: You hurt because you're alive.
Charlie St. Cloud: We'll always be brothers.
Sam St. Cloud: Promise, everyday, come rain or shine, through hell or high water?
Charlie St. Cloud: ...I promise.

Sam St. Cloud: Nobody ever gets to see what could have been.


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