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Poems About Broken Hearts
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I know you like letters, so here’s a few:

I’ve never felt better than

when I was with you,

But you do what you have to,

and I’ll do it, too,

‘Cause I’m gonna laugh through this,

leaving you.

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Love is a trend-setter,

set by the movies.

"Baby, I love you,"

or "Baby, we’re through," means

Simple quotations of sitcoms

that you’ve seen.

You never loved me,

and now that my view’s clean..


I know that I meant nothing, gave nothing true,

If this is as shallow, as pointless to you,

To write me a note, write me off as an ex.

To kiss me, dismiss me, move on to the next.

Maybe you lied, you felt nothing inside,

But I was sincere with my heart, and I tried.

But if that’s the case, then it might not be me

Who’s lost something that mattered, only lies from tv.


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Now it’s my turn to feel nothing inside,

Not a touch of remorse when I wave you goodbye.

‘Cause this doesn’t hurt me as much as it should,

But it will hurt you, ‘cause you lost something good.

Broken Heart Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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