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Year Anniversary Poems
Our Fifty First Wedding Anniversary

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My Darling Jannie, it has been fifty one years

From our wedding date, I'm shedding tears

How quickly the time flies, Meaningless nows...

Yet That July 01, 1956, When we took our vows

Our whole life ahead of us, we were so thrilled

Faith in each other and God, what He willed

How happy can two people in love ever be?

No one on earth could be as joyful as we!

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With miracles occurring where ever we were

Life lived for family, through God that's for sure

I miss you! More than is possible to imagine

Without you, I have found but little satisfaction

I shall miss you Darling, for the rest of my days

My joy lies between, the black and the grays...

Yet smile I may, when our family is near...

My extended family, friends, the poets so dear

What can I say, But that your love is true...

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And mine will forever be visited on you

Wait on me Dearest, I shan't be too long

'Til that day when together we sing the same song



Anniversary Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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