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Happy Anniversary Poems
Happy Anniversary

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Twenty seven years ago
We said I do
I promised to love
Honor and cherish you

And after twenty seven years
I still do

I would marry you again
If you asked me to

We have had our share of struggles
As all couples do
But throughout
Each struggle
Our love
Pulled us through

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We have shared laughter and tears
And made so many memories
Throughout our twenty seven years

I love you more today
Then I did on the day we said I do
My love for you
Grows more each day
You are in my heart forever
My love for you will never fade

We have one daughter
The joy of our life
We have watched her grow
Throughout her life
She is now a lady
And she makes us proud
The child we made together
Our gift we gave to one another

So on our twenty seventh year
I want to say
I love you my dear
More everyday
You are my lover
My soul mate
My very best friend

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You have stood beside me
Through all of these years
You have held me
When I have cried tears

You have given me everything
I could ever want
A Daughter
And a beautiful home
But most of all
What you have given to me
Is your true love
And that means
More to me than you will ever know

You are the best husband
And the best father too
My life is filled up
All because of you

You are the kindest man
I have ever known
And you are all mine
And I love you so

So I wanted to write this poem for you
So you could see
How much I love you
My life
Is truly blessed
Because of you

After twenty seven years
As man and wife
I could not ask
For a better man
To have by my side

Dedicated to my loving Husband
August 17th 1979 August 17th 2006


Anniversary Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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