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Funny Valentines Day Quotes

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I don't understand why Cupid
was chosen to represent Valentine's Day.
When I think about romance,
the last thing on my mind is a short,
chubby toddler coming at me
with a weapon.

It's not every day that I tell you
I love you...
OK, maybe it is,
But on Valentines Day it's the law

Some women don't need flowers,
candy, or candlelight dinners
on Valentine's Day.
Please be advised that
I am not one of them.

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Happy Valentines Day Honey!
Yes, it does always fall on the 14th.

Lets sin
On a tiger-skin
Or, if you prefer
We could err
On a different fur
Happy Valentine's Day, fellow sinner

I got a Valentine's Day card from my girl.
It said, 'Take my heart!
Take my arms! Take my lips!'
Which is just like her.
Keeping the best part for herself.

Happy Valentine's Day
...and now I'm going to say something
that will make you feel ecstatic...
You have a chocolate deficiency.

Love is not always in the air
on Valentine's Day,
especially by spending time
in family law court.

Sales Ad at a Store:
'You are my one and only' valentine cards,
now on sale: 4 for $5.

This Valentine's Day
let's not spend a fortune
on gifts for each other...
But I know how
you hate to be told what to do!

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Happy Valentine's Day
To my first husband.
That's just to keep you on your toes

I wanted to make it really special on Valentine's day,
so I tied my girlfriend up.
And for three solid hours
I watched whatever I wanted on TV.

Valentines Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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