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Sixty Days Part 4

Sixty Days Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


"Where are we going?" Serene asked curiously.

Her voice was weak but I could feel her excitement. She wore a pink dress which made her more beautiful in spite of her pale face. She was blindfolded so she would have no idea that she was about to meet my dad.

The car stopped and I gently helped her get out of the limousine before taking off her blindfold. She cried when she saw my house. I held her hand and kissed it. We went inside my house and I introduced her to my dad.

"So you are the girl that my son was talking about. Man, he is right. You do look like an angel."
Serene blushed and said that it was her pleasure to meet my dad.

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My house was near the beach and we had a barbecue party there. I introduced her to my friends and relatives. They like her and told me that I was lucky to have such a lovely girlfriend. She was the prettiest girl there even though she was in her wheelchair.

It was late in the afternoon when I asked her if she would like to watch the sunset with me. She nodded her head and thanked me. My friends and relatives cheered for us and I kissed her on her cheeks. I brought her to a quiet spot on the beach where I had prepared a picnic set earlier. I held her hand as we watched the sunset together.

"Thank you for everything." She said to me.
I smiled at her and said, "You're welcome."
"I was able to go out because of you. It was my first time meeting so many people apart from my parents, bodyguards, doctors and maids. I'm so glad that you introduced me to your relatives and friends. Do you think they like me for you?"
"I'm sure they like you."
"By the way I bought this for you."

I gave her a tiny box. Before she opened my gift, she gave me a tiny box too. It has the same look as my gift. She told me that she asked one of her personal bodyguards to buy it after looking through a jewellery shop catalogue. I was surprised that we bought the same gifts.

Is this fate?

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We put each other's ring on our fingers and I kissed her lips for the first time. They were soft and warm.

All of a sudden, there were fireworks in the sky. That was the most beautiful night ever. I did not set those fireworks and I wonder who did it.

"This is the best day of my life." Serene said while crying.
I hugged her tightly like there's no tomorrow.

We went back to her mansion. That was when she suddenly collapsed and fell to the ground.


She was still unconscious as I sat beside her bed. The doctors said that they did their best and they are not sure when would God take her away. Her parents cried and were inconsolable.

I held her hand and whispered to her ear, "I Love You."
She opened her eyes and touched my face with her hand. I held her hand and cried. I could feel her life ebbing away. I didn't want to let her go. I couldn't imagine living life without her.

"I love you so much. You are the only reason why I'm still alive." She said weakly.
"Do you believe in the string of fate?" I asked as I wiped my tears.
"The red string?"
"Yes, the red string. The invisible thread that ties you with the person that you are destined to be with."
I closed my eyes before I continued.
"My red string is attached to you. You are my soul mate, Serene. If reincarnation does exist, I know that we'll end up meeting and loving each other again."
She cried and I held her tight not wanting to let her go.


She died on the day after. I felt like I died with her too. My first love was gone.

I attended her funeral and tried to end my life. For me, a life without her is not worth living. However, my dad saved me so I did not die. Days passed by but the pain in my heart did not heal. The ring she gave me on my finger is a constant reminder of my pain.


"Michael, wake up!" My dad shouted.

That was... a dream? Everything seemed so real!

"There is a woman looking for you! So get up now!" My dad said.
I got out of bed and went to see the girl at the door. I was shocked to see Serene.

"Michael? Is that you? It really is you!" She said while crying.
That was when she told me that she was in a coma for years and she had dreamt of me. I was surprised and I told her about my dream too. We noticed that both of us were wearing the rings we have given each other in our dreams.

I never knew if what happened was a dream or not. However, I am sure I was given a second chance to be with her and this time I'm sure that we'll have a happy ending.

By Menchie

Sixty Days Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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