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Tell her that you Love her Part 3

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The doctor thought for a moment. Then, he led John to the little laboratory, took a blood sample and typed it.
At last he said, "All right, John. In ten minutes."

The doctor went to Louise's room and told her that John wanted to give her a transfusion and there was a flicker of interest. He took her pulse. It was weak and fluttering slightly. He knew there was only a slim chance.

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He called the nurse into the hall and told her what he was going to do.

In a few moments, he led John into Louise's room. The operating table had been placed beside her bed and a curtain rigged up between bed and table. The nurse held the curtain aside as John lay down on the table.

He put out a big, awkward hand and took Louise's hand and said, "Now I'm going to make you well, Louise."
Without looking at him, she whispered, "Why?"
"Why do you suppose?" John exclaimed.
"I don't know." She said.
"You're my wife, ain't you?"

There was no answer. The nurse lowered the curtain, swabbed John's arm and inserted a needle. John flexed the muscle proudly.
"Here it comes." He said to Louise.
A moment later he asked, "How's she taking it, Doc?"

Beyond the curtain, Doc Case had inserted a needle in Louise's wrist and relaxed the clamp on the tube. His fingers were on the pulse in her other wrist.

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"Okay, John." He said.
"How does it feel, Louise?" John asked.
"All right." she whispered.
"Get a gallon of this blood in you," John said,
"and you'll talk as loud as I do."
Her pulse seemed to strengthen slightly.

"John," she whispered.
"I love you, John."
There was a moment of silence.

Tell her that you Love her Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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