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You are proof that God loves me.

If my eyes can't see you,
my heart sees you, my love.

You will always be the answer,
when somebody asks me
what I'm thinking about.

No road is far if it leads to you.

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Letters are like kisses
when you are not here!

The few hours I spend with you are
worth the thousand hours I spend without you!

Whenever I want you,
all I have to do... is dream.

If distance were measured in terms
of the heart we'd never be more than a minute apart.

Your heart and mine are forever one!

I can still remember just the way you taste.

Sometimes i wonder if you are my
[Once upon a time]
or my
[Happily ever after]

For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams
and being my best friend...
For filling my life with joy
and loving me without end...

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A simple I love you means more than money.

The stars lean down to kiss you;
I lie awake and miss you.

I'm in the mood for love
Simply because you're near me.
Funny, but when you're near me
I'm in the mood for love.

Promise me you'll never forget me
because if I thought you would
I'd never leave!!

Short Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

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