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Sexual Poems
Sexual Desires

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Desires must be explored with warmth of tongue,
demand to taste, to tease, to tickle,
Cravings necessitate being reconnoitered with lips,
depth of invitation, moan of want,
Yearnings demand fingers to touch the complexities of emotion,
raise of need and aching,

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At that moment,

The inclinations will be explored,
The craving need filled,
The heat of each other,
The want of sensual sensations,
The drive to feed those needs; his Sexual Desires,

Two become one in a common objective,
To take from the other the pleasures of the flesh,
The desire drives the senses,
The prodding becomes stronger,
The heat more intense,
The want inside her to be fulfilled,
The need in him to fill her want; her Sexual Desires,

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The mind gives way to the natural engagement of lovers,
Aggressive, bottomless,
Her drawing him in,
His forceful motivation,
The fire that burns as bodies expound that craving,
Completely irresistible, as they treasure;
That passion, that hunger,
The mutual joy of their Sexual Desires.

By Tracey

Sex Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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