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Sensual Poetry
One Gentle Step At A Time

Sensual Poems Part 1 | 2


He came to me, knowing I was afraid
Gently and with so much care he softly touched me
I pulled back, afraid and so he did too, but his gentle hand lay on my arm

We were lying next to each other and we waited until I felt safer
Wanting him to touch me, yet being afraid all the same
And gently, ever so gently he touched my face
Caressing it like the feathers of a bird.

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And I felt safer lying next to him, my husband who understood
So patient, so kind, I knew he loved me without conditions.

He held me slowly at first, stroking me with his love
And quietly I relaxed.
Carefully he waited for me to feel comfortable with him
Something I never had felt with a man.

He whispered beauty into my ears and told me I was safe with him
He would stop whenever I wanted.
I wanted him more than anything, but my past intruded into my present
And he knew that.

So lovemaking was slow, one gentle step at a time.
Carefully, his soft skin touched mine
And I could feel the heat radiate from his body
Yet there was comfort in it.

Slowly, ever so slowly he touched me like lace
Rubbing across me and gently relaxing my body.
It was delicate and flowed over my skin
And I felt better, safer than I ever imagined

We did this many times before we ever made love
He always wanted me to feel a safety with him
And I finally did.

Like flowers in the breeze, flowing ever so gently in the wind
Like the trees with their strong roots buried deep within fertile soil
We found each other.

How many men do that for the woman they love?
I think God provided him just for me, to teach me the meaning of love

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To learn to be his flower and open up to him in a way I had never been able
Without fear, without terror, just an eagerness inside my body.

And together we found love, a love I had never known
A connection I had never had
The oneness God gave us.

And we loved in the feathers of a dew-covered bed
Filled with hand-made quilts and the warmth of togetherness
Hidden from memories that invaded my mind
I was present in today
Yesterday forgotten
What glory


Sensual Poems Part 1 | 2

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