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Troubled Relationship Poems
An Untitled Heart

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A while ago we exchanged out hearts.

Then you took yours back,

And out of fear and hurt I took mine too.

But now all I want to do is give mine back to you.

But will you accept it, and with open arms?

I fear you will not.

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And so my heart remains untitled.

Like an wrapped gift it lies waiting to be opened.

Untitled remains my heart, for it is not mine,

But mine to give away.

You're the one I choose to give it to.

But will you return it like an ugly sweater?

I pray not.

But my heart needs repair

And I fear you are unwilling to fix it.

Please accept my untitled heart,

Please take it in with love and happiness.

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Please give my untitled heart a title:

The title of being yours.


Heather Whaley

Relationship Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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