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Best Friend Poems That Make You Cry
Saying Goodbye to My Best Friend

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My Constant companion,
My best friend,
closed his eyes last night,
wagged his tail
For the very last time

The Doctor said he was in pain,
Tears fell like rain from my eyes

Memories went running
through my head
As I cradled him in my arms

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Thoughts of how,
I loved him so
He was a dog so full of charm

He grew so weak and tired
The pain kept him from his sleep
I had to do what must be done
The decision I made was not an easy one

He fought the battle
And he fought hard
However, cancer won and
Broke my heart

I did what I knew
I had to do
I did it because,
I loved him so
I loved him enough
To let him go

He would look at me
With big sad eyes
Wondering why
He was suffering Inside

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The medicine stopped working
The pain Was too much
I had to take my dog to the vet
A day I will never forget

I knew the time had come
For me to say goodbye
To the dog
I love so much
Still, it hurts me
Down deep inside

He looked at me as if,
He knew what would happen next
And if my dog could talk
I think he would have said
These words to me

You do not want me to suffer
so the time has come,
Please let me go

I know this decision is hard for you
The hardest thing
You may ever do

But I know you love me
Enough, to set me free
You love me enough
To end my suffering

It will take time
For you to see
That what you did
Was the best for me

Although my tail
Will no longer wave
From pain and suffering
I have been saved

You did what I would want you to do
And if I could speak
I would thank you

For loving me enough
To let me go
Though in your heart
You miss me so

Please do not grieve for me
The years with you
Were the best for me

I am sorry,
That it must be you who had,
This painful thing to do

Dry your tears
Erase your fears
You only did
What you had to do
And from my heart
I thank you


Poems That Make You Cry Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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