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Always You Part 3

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You are always my first vision, Kurt. Although I didn’t notice that you like me when we were young, I could feel your love deep inside me.

“I want to be your only love.”

You are my one and only love, always and forever.

“But before all these things can happen, I want you to wake up.”

I want to, but I’m still weak.

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“I’ll talk to you when you’re awake. I love you.” Kurt said.

I’ll talk to you when I’m awake. I love you.

They both said and thought of the same words.

Kurt caressed her hand and kissed Liana on the lips.

“I won’t be going anywhere.”

I know you won’t.

- After A Few Days -

Liana woke up after a few days in the hospital. Kurt stayed beside her every day. Kristine brought around his clothes and things that he needed.

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“Liana, I want to give you a gift.”
Liana laughed.
“Why are you going to give me a gift? There’s no wedding.”
“I know. It’s something important.”
“How important is it?”
Very important, he thought.
“You’ll see.”
“And the gift’s in Europe.”
“What? Europe?”

Always You Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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