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The Wish Granting Star

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I wished upon a star and found that it is possible

to beat the speed of light,

my eyes met yours and it was love at first sight


I've never believed in anythnig like this before,

but I made that wish and you showed up at my front door

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It was as if all of time was standing still,

but that star pushed through this barrier as I gazed

through a lonely window sill


So bright and beautiful 'twas that star,

it was as if God himself placed your image for all to see from afar


My wish to this star upon endless lonely nights,

never again will I wonder what it's like to be wrapped

and cuddled by love so tight


For I could never repay this star and what it has done for me,

I can only tell others this story, how I was gifted so magically

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This is proof to me,

that love conquers all,

in my arms now lies this star that had such

a meaningful fall


Brian Patrick Falk


New Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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