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A love so pure and true will never die...
it lives in the depth of your heart
until the end of time.

If people are talking
behind your back,
it means you're far in front.

The essential sadness
is to go through life without loving.
But it would be almost equally sad
to leave this world
without ever telling those
you loved that you love them.

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Loving someone
is loving that someone
despite that person's
flaws and weakness.

Love starts with a smile grows
with a kiss and ends with a tear.

When you are in love nothing matters
except that the other person is happy.

You fail to see the one who loves you standing right in front
as does she fail to see you love her in turn.
Don't wait to tell her because it might be too late then.

Stop focusing so much on needing someone,
and work on being the one someone needs

You know you love someone when you
cannot put into words how they make you feel.

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Someday someone might come into your life
and love you the way you've always wanted.
If your someday was yesterday, learn.
If your someday is tomorrow, hope.
If your someday is today, cherish.

It's amazing the things you realize when you lose someone:
you get mad at yourself for not saying
the things you could've a million times,
you take for granted the days spent doing nothing
when you could have been with them.
Anyone can be taken, at any time in our lives,
but we always wait until they're gone to say
the things we never had the courage to before.

You don't have to promise me the moon or stars . . .
just promise that you will stand under them with me

Meaningful Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


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