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Hungry for Your Love Part 3

Hungry for Your Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


"What is it?" I ask.
"I am just thinking about something from my past, Herman." Roma explains in a voice that has suddenly turned very soft.
"You see, when I was a young girl, I lived near a concentration camp. There was a boy there, a prisoner, and for a long while, I used to visit him every day. I remember I used to bring him apples. I would throw the apple over the fence, and he would be so happy."

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Roma sighs heavily and continues.
"It is hard to describe how we felt about each other after all, we were young, and we only exchanged a few words when we could but I can tell you, there was much love there. I assume he was killed like so many others. But I cannot bear to think that, and so I try to remember him as he was for those months we were given together."

With my heart pounding so loudly I think it will explode, I look directly at Roma and ask, "And did that boy say to you one day, 'Do not bring me an apple tomorrow. I am being sent to another camp'?"
"Why, yes." Roma responds, her voice trembling.
"But, Herman, how on earth could you possibly know that?"
I take her hands in mine and answer, "Because I was that young boy, Roma."

For many moments, there is only silence. We cannot take our eyes from each other, and as the veils of time lift, we recognize the soul behind the eyes, the dear friend we once loved so much, whom we have never stopped loving and whom we have never stopped remembering.

Finally, I speak, "Look, Roma, I was separated from you once, and I don't ever want to be separated from you again. Now, I am free, and I want to be together with you forever. Dear, will you marry me?"

I see that same twinkle in her eye that I used to see as Roma says, "Yes, I will marry you." and we embrace, the embrace we longed to share for so many months, but the barbed wire came between us.
Now, nothing ever will again.

Almost forty years have passed since that day when I found my Roma again. Destiny brought us together the first time during the war to show me a promise of hope, and now it had reunited us to fulfil that promise.

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On Valentine's Day 1996, I bring Roma to the Oprah Winfrey Show to honour her on national television. I want to tell her in front of millions of people what I feel in my heart every day.
"Darling, you fed me in the concentration camp when I was hungry. And I am still hungry, for something I will never get enough of: I am only hungry for your love."

By Herman and Roma Rosenblat

Hungry for Your Love Part 1 | 2 | 3


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