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Lovely Poetry
Your Lovely Eyes

Lovely Poems Part 1 | 2


Your lovely eyes pierce my soul

Finding every inch of love

For you that my heart holds

And every bit you’re worthy of

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Your lovely eyes invite me

To share my love with you

Your lovely eyes excite me

And compels me to do


All the things a man in love

To his woman long to do

The things so worthy of

One he loves so true


Your lovely eyes I could gaze into

For now and all eternity

For there is no one quite like you

No one as lovely to me


Your lovely eyes are a prize

That I deeply treasure

Much more than you could ever surmise

And more than anyone could ever measure


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I could go on for days

Trying my best to describe

The o’ so many ways

I’m enchanted by your lovely eyes


Henry Wilson

Lovely Poems Part 1 | 2

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