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Unlucky Love Part 2

Unlucky Love Part 1 | 2


Wait a second, I forgot she was out of town but my dad he knew it! In spite of that, he sent me to the florist to buy someone roses. He also told me to meet Akky.

I couldn't stop smiling. He was a clever person. I spotted Akky’s cell phone on the table. I picked it up and went through the inbox. There were no messages in it. Then, I went through the outbox and I saw a message sent by Akky to an unknown number. "Uncle, I have made cupcakes for your son. Can you please tell him to come over here?"

I narrowed my eyes. Somehow, I knew the unknown number but I can't just remember whose it is. I brought up the subject with Akky.

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"Who's the lucky guy whom you are making cupcakes for?" I asked her, getting desperate.
"Sorry, I can't tell." She grinned spontaneously.
"Come on Akky... I was your friend from the day you were born. I always showed my support for you and have never left you. I know everything about you and you are not telling me the name of the guy who is in your life?" I said angrily.

She came closer, one step at a time, until she was just next to me. I was only a few inches away from her nose. She smiled and her fair face glowed brightly.
"Okay I will, but you have to guess his name as you know him personally."
I blushed. She had never been so close to me. I looked sideways so I could avoid her pretty gaze.
"I know him? How? Where did I meet him from? Is it Jack, or maybe is it Harry? You were never close with guys."

I suddenly realized who the phone number belonged to. It was my dad's number.
"Me?" I asked stupidly.
"Guess so." And she laughed.
"It is the most magical thing that can ever happen when you know that the person you are looking for is actually right in front of you."
I nodded. I got it. I was the one whom she made the cupcakes for, I was her unknown boyfriend and she had a crush on me on the time. I can't believe it. I can't believe the facts lying in front of me.

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"So I was the one? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I wanted you to find it out yourself." I clasped her hands and smiled.
"Isn't it magical?"
"Everything's magical when you are with me." I smiled and kissed her. I could hear a tune being played in a soft mesmerizing manner in the background and I knew that this is not an unlucky love. This is the love I had always been searching for. :)

By Kevin Solomon Missal

Unlucky Love Part 1 | 2


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