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A Lot Like Love Quotes

Love Is Like Quotes Part 1 | 2


Oliver Martin: Well, if it wasn't love,
it was a lot like it.

Oliver Martin: OK, I'm freezing...
Whoa, you just looked.
Emily Friehl: No, I didn't.
Oliver Martin: You said you weren't gonna look.
Emily Friehl: I didn't look. Go.
I looked.
Ooh, looking good.
Oliver Martin: Shut up.
Emily Friehl: Ooh, very nice.
Oliver Martin: You're just taking advantage
of me right now. Come on.
Emily Friehl: OK, the shutter's gonna stay open for seconds.
You have to keep very still, OK?
Oliver Martin: OK.
Emily Friehl: Are you ready?
Oliver Martin: Ready.
Emily Friehl: Ooh! Ow! Ow!
Ooh, it's cold.

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Emily Friehl: First of all why would
i get myself mixed up
with a guy who i know first hand
would jump into an airplane bathroom
with the first girl
that comes on knocking

Oliver Martin: Do you really think that
six years from now,
a guy like me, with a job, a house,
a car - a nice car - and a future,
you think I'm gonna have a problem
finding somebody to fall in love with me?

Oliver Martin: Emily...
I'm flat broke.
I don't have a job.
I don't have a plan.
And I know I'm...
I know I'm probably six years too late...
but will you give me strike one back?

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Emily Friehl: Honestly, if you're not
willing to sound stupid
you don't deserve to be in love.

Oliver Martin: You're not too late.
I'm not getting married,
my sister is.

Love Is Like Quotes Part 1 | 2


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