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You Hurt Me Poems
How Is This Fair?

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How is this fair...

That I get the wrong end of the deal?

I sit here and cry myself to sleep

hoping one day you will come and save me,

but life goes on and you never come.

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I wish that I could have you back,

I wish that I could have you to hold,

I wish so much but nothing ever happens.


I wish that You loved me still

so we could just be happy.

So is this fair that you can sleep at night

while I lay awake, wanting you with me?

Is it fair that you can be happy

by making me so sad?


Is it fair that I'm the one to suffer?

How do I stop my heart from breaking

down every time I think of you?

How do I hold myself together without you?


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Is it fair that my happiness has to leave me

with only sadness to rolling down my cheeks?

Love hurts and sometimes... I wonder why?


Jessica Lynn Tibbott

Hurt Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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