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Poems About Friendship And Love
Memories on Graduation Day

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The days go by so fast as we get close to the end.

The years have been long and hard my friend.

Freshman year was a confusing time, you know.

Everyone trying to find themselves like a unique flake in the snow.

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By Sophomore year we had found our place.

Whether it was with so many people or in a confined space.

Of all the friends I?ve met in these years,

Only a select few will hold me dear.

Ill remember the parties of our Junior year.'

I promised myself on this day I wouldn't shed a tear.

I see our school colors as I look around.

I cant believe I'm here in my cap and my gown.'

They call my name and my heart starts to beat.

What if I stumble or trip over my feet?

Thanks to my parents who pushed me to get here.

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And to all of my teachers whom I will always hold dear.

This is the end my friend our school years are done.

Remember me always and remember the fun.


Tracie Vallejo

Love Friendship Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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