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The Love That Wasn't Meant To Be Part 4

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This only set the stage for another memorable chapter.

We arranged a meeting with her family to hand her back and arrange an engagement the following week. At the meeting, I was supposed to have my mum's brother representing me and her uncles there to take her back and discuss things. I noticed the moment I walked into the room, my uncle was not there to represent me so as to save face for the family. I sat there in what was supposed to be a discussion only to get blasted by them for kidnapping their niece and made to feel like the worst person alive. By this time, I could not even look at Zia as I felt I have failed her yet again. Being young and naive, I had no choice but to remain silent and watch the love of my life being taken away from me yet again. I suspected then that I had made the mistake of not getting married while I could and it would become even more difficult in the future. Still, I would not give up hope and told them to keep their promise to let us get engaged next week.

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Zia went back to her family while all I had was hope so I went back home. When I got home, things got even worse as her family had no intention of letting us get married. Zia was banned from leaving the house or even answering the phone. She was given the hiding of her life, leaving her bruised. Hearing this drove me insane. I have failed my love yet again. I would sit up at night to imagine talking to Zia in my mind, apologising to her as I have failed her yet again. I am supposed to have protected my love and I couldn't even do that. Her family was not done with me. They manage to get hold of me on a Friday, assaulted me and bundled me into the boot of a car. I only got left alone when more people came to the vehicle. I had 2 of her uncles assaulting me and one keeping guard as they made it clear that I was never going to have her.

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The following Monday, the police came to my house and told me I was charged with kidnapping. I went to the police station and also open a charge for assault. Her uncles asked me to drop the assault charges and they would drop the kidnapping charge. Well that took care of the legal matters but it sure did not help me getting my sweetheart back. Zia's accountant uncle was full of threats on what would happen if I did not leave her alone. I realised that I need to remember Zia has three other sisters and they will all suffer if I push harder and that would make Zia's life a living hell. That incident became a turning point for me. I have failed my love in everything so far. I couldn't ask for Zia and her sisters and mom to pay for something I am totally responsible for.

The Love That Wasn't Meant To Be Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


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