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Short I Love You Poems
Open Your Eyes

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Open your eyes and see,

how much I love you,

and what you really mean to me.

I love you but you don't know,

I love you,

but I'm afraid to show.

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I need you here with me,

I promise,

I'll never hate you,

and that will never be.

but why can't I just say,

that I love you that way.

I never felt this way before in my life.

And sometimes,

it really hurts like a knife!

cause I don't have the courage to tell you

how I feel.

And to tell you,

that my feelings for you are real.

To tell you that I want you so bad,

and tell you that if I could be with you,

I'd be so glad.

I hope you notice one day how I feel,

and that you will see how I feel is so real.

I hope you will love me some day,

the way that I love you,

and I promise I will always love you,

I'll really do!

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so if you'd just take the first step,

you really won't regret it.

and I will love you every day a little more,

bit by bit. I hope these lines can make you see,

what you really mean to me.

What I'm trying to say,

is that I've never loved some one this way!



I Love You Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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