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Love Quotes For Husband

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It is easier to be a lover
than a husband for the simple reason
that it is more difficult to be witty
everyday than to say
pretty things from time to time.

I love you today,
yesterday and every tomorrow.

For yesterday's memories,
today's love, and tomorrow's
dreams I love you.

He cares for you because
he loves you, and you love him
for being so caring to you!

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A husband is what is left of a lover,
after the nerve has been extracted.

When a woman steals your husband,
there is no better revenge
than to let her keep him.

What is a husband?
He is the one who, with a touch,
can bring back the starlight
and glow of years long ago.
At least he hopes he can
- don't disappoint him.

It takes a second to say I love you,
but a lifetime to show it.

Love is when you love him
more then you need him.

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To catch a husband is an art;
to hold him is a job.

Loved you yesterday,
love you still;
always have, always will.

A good marriage would be between
a blind wife and a deaf husband.

Husband Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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