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Sad Heartbroken Quotes

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the only people
you need in your life
are the ones that prove
they need you in theirs.

Everyone always says
there are more fish in the sea...
but sometimes you just really want bass.

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Am I mad at you?
That's your main concern
after shattering my whole world?
Mad for what?
Breaking my heart?
Or for all the lies?
Maybe for letting me
put all my trust in you
only to be betrayed?
How about the fact
you didn't even have the decency
to tell me to my face?
Or the way you think it's crazy
that I'm crying over it
cause to you breaking up is no big deal.
Am I mad at you?... no.
More like crushed...
did I ever really know you?

How do I make my heart
start healing when it has never
stopped beating for you?

Don't wanna do it today
There's a part of me
that wishes I could just forget
But I haven't found the mercy yet.
I'll forgive you tomorrow
if the sun doesn't shine
Let you back into my life
when the oceans are dry
Take you back when
every shade of the rainbow turns gray
But I just can't do it today

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When you run from something,
it only stays with you longer.
If you fight something,
it only makes you stronger.

If breaking hearts was a crime,
all boys would be locked up for life.

Love is like a fairytale...
u live it for a while and
then the book just has to end

Heartbroken Quotes Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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