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Heart Broken Poems
So I Fell For You, Hard

Heartbroken Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3


Those little jokes we had.
The ones nobody knew about.
They were sweet and made me laugh.
And i just loved laughing with you.

You called me baby.
And that made my heart fly.
But i fell, i fell for you.
I fell hard.

But then we fought.
And you had excuses, plenty.
And i was crushed.
It just didn't fit.

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So i told how i felt.
Not completely, but enough.
And you just blew it off.
And then i was broken.

And then i wake up to a text.
Saying you can't sleep.
Saying i make you happy.
And that you want a relationship...with me.

So you fixed your mistake.
And i believed it was real.
Even though everyone told me it wasn't.
They said i would get my heart broken.

You were the sweetest you ever were.
They way you kissed me.
How you always said that you missed me.
And how you wanted to see me.

So we had plans.
Then you ditched me.
At the last minute.
And we didn't talk for a few days.

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So you apologized, again.
And i took the apology.
But there was a down side.
We were now only good friends.

So we talked, like normal.
Like we always had.
I thought things were getting better.
And i was starting to trust you again.

Then we had this perfect moment.
At least i thought it was perfect.
The way you held me.
The way everything was, was perfect.

The next day was the last time i talked to you.
Never again did you touch me.
And then i broke down.
I trusted you and you broke that.

You didn't even tell me it was over.
Just avoided me.
I guess i wasn't even worth an apology.


Heartbroken Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3

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