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Love And Happiness Quotes

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We are not the same persons
this year as last;
nor are those we love.
It is a happy chance if we,
changing, continue to
love a changed person.

Love and magic have
a great deal in common.
They enrich the soul,
delight the heart.
And they both take practice.

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Love can make you do things
that you never thought possible.

You must love yourself
before you love another.
By accepting yourself and
fully being what you are,
your simple presence
can make others happy.

Happy are those
who dare courageously
to defend what they love.

The greatest happiness of life
is the conviction that we are loved
- loved for ourselves, or rather,
loved in spite of ourselves.

Of all forms of caution,
caution in love is perhaps
the most fatal to true happiness.

All you may need
to be happy is love,
but to survive you need money!

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Love is a friendship
set to music.

Love is the only passion
which includes in it's dreams
the happiness of someone else.

If you are in love ...
that's about the best thing
that can happen to anyone.
Don't let anyone make it
small or light to you.

Happy Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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