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Greatest Love Story Ever Told
The Little Red Boots Part 2

The Little Red Boots Part 1 | 2



"I sure like your new cowgirl boots, baby," he told her.
"In fact, for some reason, they remind me of the day I rode my very first pony. I wasn't much older than you."
"Is this a true story, Daddy? Or a make-believe one? Does it have a happy ending? I like stories with happy endings," Tate said.

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She loved to hear her Daddy tell stories about his childhood and begged him to tell her about his first pony ride. Marty laughed at Tate's never-ending questions and sat down in the big recliner as Tate climbed onto his lap.

"Once upon a time," he began,
"When I was seven years old, I lived in the big city of St. Louis, Missouri. And do you know what I wanted more than anything in the world? A horse! I told my dad that when I grew up I wanted to be a real cowboy. That summer my dad took me to a farm not very far from here and let me ride a real pony. I remember that there was a little girl on that farm, sitting on a fence, and she was wearing new red cowgirl boots just like yours."

Kelly sat listening to Marty telling their daughter about his first pony ride.

When he got to the part about the red boots, her eyes grew wide in amazement, and her heart filled with wonder: Marty had been the cute city boy she'd met back when she was only five years old!

"Marty," she said, her voice trembling,
"I was that little girl. That was my grandfather's farm. And those are the same red boots!"

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Tate sat happily in her Daddy's lap, unaware that in that magical moment, her parents realized that they had met as children and that even back then they had felt the special connection between their hearts.

By Jeannie S. Williams

The Little Red Boots Part 1 | 2


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