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The Gift of the Magi Part 4

The Gift of the Magi Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


White fingers quickly tore at the strings and paper. There was a scream of joy; and then alas! There was a change to tears and cries. It required the man of the house to use all his skills to calm his wife.

For beneath the package there were the combs - the special set of objects to hold her hair that Della had wanted ever since she saw them in a shop window. Beautiful combs made of shells, with jewels at the edge - just the color to wear in the beautiful hair that was no longer hers. They must have cost a lot of money. She knew her heart wanted them without hoping to ever have them. And now, the beautiful combs were hers, but the hair that should have touched them was gone.

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But she held the combs to herself and soon she was able to look up with a smile and say, "My hair grows so fast, Jim!"
Then Della jumped up like a little burned cat and cried, "Oh, oh!"

Jim had not yet seen his beautiful gift. She happily held it out to him in her open hands. The silver chain seemed so bright.

"Isn’t it wonderful, Jim? I looked all over town to find it. You will have to look at the time a hundred times a day now. Give me your watch. I want to see how it looks on it."

Instead of obeying, Jim fell onto the couch and put his hands under the back of his head and smiled.

"Dell," he said.
"Let us put our Christmas gifts away and keep them for a while. They are too nice to use just right now. I sold my gold watch to get the money to buy the set of combs for your hair. And now, why not put the meat on."

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The magi were wise men - wonderfully wise men - who brought gifts to the Baby Jesus. They invented the art of giving Christmas gifts. Being wise, their gifts were wise ones. And here I have told you the story of two young people who most unwisely gave each other the greatest treasures of their house. But in a last word to the wise of these days, let it be said that of all who give gifts, these two were the wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi.

The Gift of the Magi Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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