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Remember Her Part 2

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After dancing for a little bit, Audrey and I decided to take a break. Frank came along and we started to talk. We told him we were going go to the bathroom and he asked if we could come back and talk a little more. I told him we would be back if he didn’t move and he calmly nodded his head.
While in the bathroom, Audrey turned to me and asked, “So, what you think of him? I think he likes you.”
She knew where my heart was though.

After leaving the restroom, we went back to Frank and we started dancing again. The three of us had so much fun that it seemed as if the night had come to an end too soon. As we were leaving, Frank asked if he could have our numbers. Audrey gave him her number and we left.

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They started to talk and eventually got together. It turns out that Frank is the youngest of three kids who was from a little town two hours up north from us. To show her how much he cared for her, he would visit her almost every weekend when he was off work. She would go visit too but he preferred her not to because of the long drive. After two years of dating, Audrey and Frank’s relationship was still as strong as ever although Frank’s parents didn’t think that Audrey was good enough for him. He was able to keep their thoughts on the sidelines and follow his heart about what he felt for Audrey.

One day, Frank drove over and asked Audrey if she would marry him. He told her that they could run away and be happy together.
“Why so sudden?” She asked with confusion on her face.
She saw tears rolling from his eyes. She could see the hurt that he had inside him. She grabbed hold of him and held him tight so that he knew that she would never let go.
With tears in her eyes, she slowly whispered in his ears, “Honey, yes I will marry you. I’ll run away with you but just let me say my good byes to my family and friends first. Okay?”

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Audrey and Frank agreed to run away later that week. Audrey had the better car so she was supposed to go pick Frank up on Friday. They decided they would go stay with a friend of his until they got jobs and had enough money to start a new life in a new state. Audrey was very scared but she wanted to support Frank with all she could. That week, she started to fill her car up slowly with stuff that she needed. She had to do it when her family was asleep so that no one would know. Soon, Friday came around sooner then she had expected.

Remember Her Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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