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Famous Quotes About Love

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Grief and tragedy and hatred
are only for a time.
Goodness, remembrance
and love have no end.
George W. Bush

All love shifts and changes.
I don't know if you can be
wholeheartedly in love all the time.
Julie Andrews

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Love is the only force capable
of transforming an enemy into friend.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The greatest science in the world;
in heaven and on earth; is love.
Mother Teresa

How come we don't always know when love begins,
but we always know when it ends?
L.A. Story

I've loved you from the moment I first laid eyes on you.
What would be more reasonable than to marry you?
Little Women

I love you now. I love you always.
Susan, thank you for loving me.
Meet Joe Black

It is at times like this that I know what my purpose is in life.
I am here to love you, to hold you in my arms, to protect you.
I am here to learn from you and receive your love in return.
I am here because there is no other place to be.
Message In A Bottle

There is a place you can touch a
woman that will drive her crazy.
Her heart.
Milk Money

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If I should die this very moment,
I wouldn't fear. For I've never known completeness like being here,
wrapped in the warmth of you,
loving every breath of you.
Why live life from dream to dream?
Moulin Rouge

Love? Above all things I believe in love.
Love is like oxygen.
Love is a many-splendored thing,
love lifts us up where we belong,
all you need is love.
Moulin Rouge

Famous Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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