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You don't die
of a broken heart,
you only wish you did.

To die for love...
what could be more glorious?

The heart is the only
broken instrument that works.

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When it comes to
affairs of love and hurt,
you have to wait for your heart
to learn what your
head already knows,
then You can break free

I was born
when you kissed me.
I died
when you left me.
I lived a few weeks
while you loved me.

You know the feeling
when the world collapses
and the heart explodes

My heart bleeds no more.
Now it's been turned to stone

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As my legs start to shake
I feel nothing
I wanted you
I needed you
But you weren't there this time.

The bright light beams
from her eyes.
From broken glass
Or a broken heart.

It was all so beautiful
It was all so bright and true
My eyes staring at you
Watching it all go wrong

He left me here
In this misery
The whole world has
Turned it's back on me

It was all the things
You said to me
All the lies
You made me believe

There is no time
To be sorry
This pain has been lost
In the depth of me

Emo Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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