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Dating Advice for Women



1. Dress Comfortably

Sure. ALl Men like to see women that are dressed in nice clothes showing some skin. However, that is the reason why women should not reaveal to much skin. Men are selfish. They like to see other women dress in various stages of undress and are genuinely embarrassed when their date is in too little clothes. Moreover, Man do not like to see women keep on tugging at their clothes to make sure they do not reveal too much. Elegant and comfortable wear is always a good gauge. By being comfortable with what you wear, you can also enjoy the night in peace rather then being worried in your dressing.

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2. Dress appropriately

Some of us like to look the best whenever we're outside. Obviously, it is nautral that all women are vain by nature and men will be attracted by women who look good. Despite that, the plan can backfire when u try to do sports in long skirts, or attend a function in short skirts. Its always important to dress for the occasion and more important so when you're on a date.

3. Appropriate make up

Its important to put on some make up before going out on a date. However, you dont want to look ghastly in front of your date by applying too much make up or applying the wrong make up. Apply adequate make up for the occasion and you ll look fabulous. If you're one who absolutely hates make up and know nuts abt applying make up, just a simple lipstick will do.

4. Smell good

Men are attracted by their primitive senses. That includes the sense of smell. By smelling good, it helps to give a good impression especially on the first date. By creating an idendity using the smell you always used, your date can also remember you more distinctively. In addition, although women do not sweat as much as men and generally do not stink, it is also always hygienic to shower often. After all, your date would not want to kiss someone who haven't shower for days.

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5. Stay in shape

For a long time, women are convinced men are after nothing but sex. Actually its the truth. A man loves a woman as much as he loves her body. A toned lean body is a definite turn on for men compared to one who isnt. Most women might not be born with great bodies. But by hitting the gym regularly, it helps to improve our bodies and make it more attractive. At the same time, its a bonus to be healthier too!


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