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One year has passed

I haven't talked with you since then

You're already at peace with the world

and here I am still struggling for life.


I am missing you

The voice, the care, the love

Where else could I find them

but only in you.

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Memories about you are all I have

They make me cry and yearn for you

all the time of my waking life

Even in sleep I dreamed about you.


Sometimes I wish that I should not have been

what I was when we were still together

For I want that our love is forever

It could have been, that's all I could sigh for


Sometimes I wish that you could feel

The beatings of my heart even before I let you you know

You could hear what I think even if you don't hear me

You could dry the tears in my eyes even though you don't see me.

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Life's indeed too short

for us to love eternally

But I do believe in forever

That was what you told me...



Best Love Poems Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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