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Anti Love Quotes

Anti Love Quotes Part 1


We fall in love
when our imagination projects
nonexistent perfection
upon another person.
One day, the fantasy evaporates
and with it, love dies.

One minute you’re
someone’s world;
the next minute you’re
the dirt they walk on.

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SINGLE is NOT a status.
It's a word that best
describes a person
who is strong enough
to live and enjoy life
without depending on others.

Food that exceeds its
“use by” or “best before” date,
my teacher explained,
loses nutritional value
and eventually goes rancid.
The same thing, I realized,
this might hold true for a relationship
that’s past its prime:
It not only fails to fortify you,
it can even make you sick.

I Love You
the three most overused,
misunderstood and misused words
in the english language

Why don’t you slip into
something more comfortable,
like a coma?

= 2 vowels 2 consonants and 2 fools

Sure, love screws everything up.
Most stalkers think they’re in love.
Mothers who kill their kids
talk about how much they love them.
Men who beat up their wives,
it’s only because they’re so in love.
People slowly suffocate
each other with love all the time.
Love is a weapon
we use to hurt the ones we love.

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When one is in love
one begins by deceiving one's self.
And one ends by deceiving others.
That is what the world calls a romance.

Marriage, children
- you never expect it to end in tragedy.
Unless you’re me.

Anti Love Quotes Part 1


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