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Falling Out Of Love Quotes

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Falling in love
is so hard on the knees.

If you can fall in love
then you can fall out.

Falling out of love is very enlightening.
For a short while you see
the world with new eyes.

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To fall in love
is to create a religion
that has a fallible god.

Trip over love,
you can get up.
Fall in love and
you fall forever.

Forget love
- I'd rather fall in chocolate!

I'm scared to fall in love,
scared to fall fast,
because every time
I fall in love...
it never seems to last.

Falling out of love is chiefly
a matter of forgetting
how charming someone is.

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My version of falling in love
is borderline psychotic.
Should be avoided at all costs.
Get obsessed.
Can't fall in love and function
at the same time.
Tunnel vision.

It is impossible to fall out of love,
love is such a powerful emotion,
That once it envelops you,
it does not depart.

You want to fall
in love with a shoe,
go ahead.
A shoe can't love you back,
but, on the other hand, a
shoe can't hurt you
too deeply either.
And there are so many
nice-looking shoes.

Falling In Love Quotes Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


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